Velvet  Smooth™ Wet & Dry Foot File

As the proud owner of the Wet & Dry Foot File, you’re curious to learn more. If you want to know all the answers, just check our FAQs.

1. Is the Wet & Dry Foot File completely waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof and can be used under running water or even in the bathtub. 

2. Can I use my Diamond Roller Heads on the Wet & Dry Foot File?

Yes, the Diamond Roller Heads fit on the device but since they’re not designed for usage on wet skin, we recommend using the Wet & Dry roller heads for best results.

3. Which speed setting should I choose?

Speed setting depends on individual needs and hard skin conditions. If you have stubborn hard skin to be removed or need a faster treatment, just switch to the second speed level.

4. When should I replace the roller head?

Replacement of the head depends on how often and long you use your Wet & Dry Foot File. When you notice a decline in performance, it is time to replace the roller head.

5. Why are there different roller heads for the Express Pedi and the Wet and Dry Foot File?

The Wet and Dry Foot File comes with a specially designed roller head that effectively removes hard skin on both wet and dry skin.

6. How do I recharge the Wet & Dry Foot File?

The Wet & Dry Foot File comes with a charging dock, cable and plug. Please thoroughly read the instructions included with the device before use.