Comfort & Energy

Comfort & Energy


Scholl Press Point FoamPadding

Immediately relief from painful pressure. High performance adhesive. Ultra soft cushioning protection. Cut to size-for feet and shoes.

Scholl Gel Tube Finger/Toe Protector

Scholl Toe & Finger Gel Protector provides cushioning protection with GelActiv®/Soft Gel Technology for immediate relief from pressure & rubbing.

Scholl Heel Cushion Std

Scholl Heel Cushions help provide immediate relief from heel discomfort caused by uncomfortable shoes, bruises, calluses and tender spots. Soft cushioning foam absorbs shock as you walk and provides optimum comfort

Scholl Toe Separators

Scholl Toe Separators

Scholl Gel Toe Separators

Immediate relief from pain and soreness between toes. Prevents pressure and rubbing.

Scholl Party feet®  Ball of foot cushion

Scholl Party Feet® Ball of Foot Cushions with GelActiv® technology help prevent burning pain in the balls of your feet.

Scholl Party Feet™ Arch Support

Scholl Party Feet™ Hidden Arch Support with GelActiv® Technology provide a soft gel for comfortable arch support.

Scholl Party Feet® Heel Shields

Scholl Party Feet® Heel Shields with GelActiv® Technology help prevent shoes rubbing and slipping.

Scholl Party Feet® Heel Cushions

Scholl Party Feet®  Heel Cushions with GelActiv® technology protect against pressure and cushions the heel.

Scholl Party Feet® Sore Spots

Scholl Party Feet® Sore Spots with GelActiv® Technology provide targeted cushioning protection from pressure and rubbing.