How can I fight tiredness?

To relieve tension and wash away fatigue, we recommend a warm footbath containing mineral-based salts or special cleansers. For really relaxed feet, massage them under running water and try a few exercises. Try rotating your ankles, wiggling and spreading your toes or running your soles over marbles at the bottom of the tub. End your footbath by patting feet and applying a specialised foot moisturiser.

What's the best way to massage my feet?

You don't need to be a professional masseuse to give your feet a little love. We recommend a refreshing footbath and give them a ten-minute gentle massage.

Here’s a simple massage you can try:

Put a little massage oil on your foot.

Gently caress your foot starting from the toes, moving on to the sides, to the sole and back to the heel. Then massage your ankle and instep.

Gently pat the pads under each toe, using your thumbs.

Slowly slide your thumb from your heel to your toes, along the inside arch of your foot and then along the outer edge.

One at a time, hold your toes between your thumb and forefinger and extend them gently.

Close one hand around the front of your foot and the other on the back. Then rotate your hands lightly in opposite directions, as if you were wringing your feet.