Athlete's Foot

What causes Athlete’s foot?

One of the most common foot infections, Athlete's Foot
initially causes the affected area to itch, and often
starts between the toes. The area becomes inflamed
and moist, and begins to peel, flake and crack.
Athlete’s Foot is a highly contagious fungal infection
and can be picked up from wet floors, socks, shoes
and damp towels.

How to fight Athlete’s foot
Athlete's Foot (also known as tinea pedis) an be
tackled in a number of ways. Scholl Tinea Liquid
Spray and Scholl Tinea Powder Spray contain
Tolnaftate, which helps clear up and treat the infection.
It is important to use the products for as long as directed because the fungus may still be present even after symptoms completely disappear.

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