Insoles Explained


Whether standing or walking, most of us spend well over half of our life "on our feet". This is fine, because an active life keeps us fit. However, considering that on average, a human being walks three times around the earth during a lifespan, the strain for our feet is enormous. This is why many people, particularly working people who need to be on their feet a lot, as well as those who enjoy active hiking, walking or jogging in their leisure time, often suffer from tired feet. For many people this has become the "normal condition", but it doesn't have to be like this.

You may have heard of insoles in the past, or may have even worn a pair, but what are they for? Insoles can range from basic foot care and comfort to more medically necessary support.They can help you with ailments that can affect your feet or your posture. Mostly they are there to soothe our tired and aching feet from feeling worn, especially against the everyday stress that we are exposed to daily. Lack of sufficient cushioning and support can lead to your feet feeling tired, so the better support could lead to better feeling feet. Since there are so many different kinds of insole available, learn more about the benefits here, and experience it for yourself.

The Benefits of Comfortable Insoles
Insoles aren’t only for medical conditions; there are a number of benefits of wearing them in your shoes:

Comfort – It could be that you spend a lot of time standing up, running around as a waiter or waitress, or standing as a shop assistant, and in this case you may want some extra comfort for your feet. Insoles can add an extra soft layer between you and the ground that support your feet during daily tasks. They also help absorb shock and provide cushioning for joints. This is often the main reason people purchase insoles, as their support can help keep your feet active and provide additional cushioning, especially in shoes that feel uncomfortable. Ultimately, they create a comfort zone for your feet! 

Comfortable Insoles from Scholl
Scholl has now developed a new solution that turns your shoes into a comfort zone, taking the burden off your feet and keeping them fit long before they become tired and get that aching feeling: special insoles with the innovative GelActiv® technology. These GelActiv® insoles by Scholl help to make achy feet a thing of the past from now on. And since everybody has different requirements, these new comfort insoles are offered in three varieties for different types of strain: GelActiv® Everyday for feet exposed to normal stress and for use in casual or daily shoes such as sneakers, GelActiv® Sport with special support and cushioning functions for sporting activities, and GelActiv® Work for everyone whose work makes it necessary to stand for hours at a time.

GelActiv® technology for more shoe comfort
At the heart of the GelActiv® technology developed by Scholl is the ergonomically shaped gel core in the insoles that provides a shock absorbing and cushioning effect. Thus, the cushioning gives the foot more comfort.

The Different types of insoles - each with their own different time of use:
Sports: Sports insoles work by supporting your feet during very active parts of your life. Insoles while you run will give better foot support, but can also lessen the shocks you may feel when running on hard surfaces. They’re athlete tested, and can be used in many types of athletic footwear.

Work: Work insoles are designed for comfort, and cushioning especially for people with professions with long hours standing on their feet. They can be slipped into work boots, trainers or everyday shoes.

Everyday: For thin, discreet everyday needs, as well as a busy and active lifestyle, insoles can just add that extra layer of comfort, cushioning your feet from everyday use. Designed for flats, casual or work shoes, they can keep your feet comfortable all day.