Comfort Insoles


With a broad range of gel insoles, there is a comfort solution for every one of your favourite shoes whether they are flat, open or high. No matter the occasion, whether work or play, Scholl GelActiv™ Comfort Insoles provide you with cushioning and comfort.

Everyday Shoes

Scholl Gel Activ™ Everyday Insoles provide a perfect blend of comfort and support for everyday shoes.

Sport Shoes

With a strong arch support and cushioning, the Scholl GelActiv™ Sports Insoles are carefully designed to fit athletic footwear. They help reduce the excessive pressure of running or sports.

Work Shoes

If work keeps you on your feet all day, Scholl GelActiv™ Work Insoles are highly recommended. These shock-absorbing insoles will help reduce the excessive pressure on your feet.

Flat Shoes

For narrow-style, flat shoes like ballerinas you should get the right support. Scholl GelActiv™ Flat Shoes insoles provide ultra-thin cushioning and shock absorption under the heels for light feeling feet all day with a discreet transparent gel.

Everyday Heels

For everyday shoes with small heels up to 8 cm, Scholl GelActiv™ Insoles for Everyday Heels provide comfort and keep your shoe cushion soft all day. The soft gel with built-in arch support comfortably supports your feet to keep you going all day.

Open Shoes

In open high heel shoes, the insoles need to be invisible. Therefore, Scholl GelActiv™ Open Shoes insoles are transparent and extra slim to offer invisible comfort. The ultra-thin design helps prevent the toes from crowding.

High Heels

High heel shoes can put a lot of pressure on the foot. Hence, the Scholl GelActiv™ Extreme Heels, are designed to give a firm foothold and comfy feel. The ultra-soft gel pad helps relieve pressure on the ball-of-foot and prevent feet from slipping. For high heels even greater than 8 cm.