Fish Therapy

Fish Therapy is an exfoliating treatment for feet, performed by fish in special tanks. It may sound strange but it’s worth trying. 

Have you heard about it?
A widespread practice for years in Turkey and the Middle East, it has only started to become popular in Europe recently. The treatment is not currently available in Australia due to quarantine restrictions, but it’s something to look out for if you’re travelling abroad!


What kind of fish are they?
'Doctor Fish' is the nickname given to the Garra rufa fish, native to the Kangal region in Central Turkey. These fish have no teeth and use their small sucking mouths to eat algae, or in our case the skin on our feet.

Is it unpleasant?
No, it's a natural peeling and also a micro-massage! Initially it may tickle, but it feels quite nice once you get used to it.


Scholl recommends you consult your healthcare professional before taking part in such treatments.