GelActiv® insoles FAQs

GelActiv® insoles

If you read all of our stories and advices, you should be well informed about high heels, feet and our products.  However, if you still have a question or two, don’t hesitate to browse our FAQ.

1. When should I use an insole?

Scholl GelActiv® insoles are made for tired feet. They offer additional comfort and are designed for different types of women’s shoes. 

2. What is the benefit of Scholl GelActiv® insoles for women?

Scholl GelActiv® insoles for women provide everyday comfort and shock absorption. The soft gel supports feet to keep them going all day long. They help relieve pressure so that feet are not stressed at the end of the day.

3. Why is Scholl offering insoles?

Shoes can put high levels of stress on our feet causing foot discomfort. Scholl’s insoles improve the comfort of wearing shoes and provide non-stop cushioning. The new Scholl GelActiv® insoles are made for individual needs across almost every style of women’s shoes. The GelActiv® technology absorbs micro shocks and helps to reduce excessive pressure from walking.

4. Why are there different types for women?

Women’s shoes can be very different in size, form and heel height. Scholl has therefore designed four different types of insoles for women’s shoes.

Scholl GelActiv® Everyday Heels: They provide cushion softness all day, suitable for shoe sizes 4-8 AU and for shoes with medium heels. The insoles provide superior support for Everyday Comfort (vs. no insoles). Soft gel with built-in arch support comfortably supports your feet to keep you going all day long. The insole provides extra cushioning on the ball of the foot and the arch for a “comfy” feel and helps relieve pressure.

Scholl GelActiv® Flat Shoes:  They provide all day comfort. Suitable for shoe sizes 4-8 AU and for flat shoes and boots. Designed for narrow style flat shoes to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption under the heels for lighter feeling feet, all day. Therefore, toes are not crowded and the insoles stay firmly in place.

Scholl GelActiv® Extreme Heels: Amazing cushioning pads for extreme heels with an ultra-soft gel arch that helps relieve pressure on the ball of foot and provides extra comfort. They’re suitable for shoe sizes 4-8 AU and for shoes with high heels.

Scholl GelActiv® Open Shoes: Provide invisible insole comfort for open shoes. The transparent gel with an extra-slim design is discreetly hidden when worn in open shoes. The ultra-thin design doesn’t crowd toes while still cushioning the ball of the foot from pressure. They’re suitable for shoe sizes 4-8 AU and for open sandals and heels.

5. How do I use the Scholl GelActiv® insoles for women?

The insoles are very easy to use by following these instructions:

(1) Ensure inside of shoe is clean and dry before use.

(2) Remove plastic backing and look for marking to indicate left (L) versus right (R) insole.

(3) Place insole in the correct shoe, sticky side down.

(4) Place the insole so that the raised area of the insole makes direct contact with the arch of the foot.

(5) Reposition as needed so that the arch support fits correctly under the natural arch of the foot.

(6) To remove the insole, pull it slowly and gently out of the shoe.

6. Are the insoles also suitable for children?

There is no age limit for the use of GelActiv® insoles. However the insoles are intended for fully-grown adults and should not be used in shoes that are smaller than the size guide indicated on the insoles, so that cushioning occurs in the right parts of the foot.

7. Can I cut the insoles to make them smaller, for example for shoe size 6?

The insoles should not be cut as they are designed to fit in all types of women’s shoes.

8. What is the difference between GelActive® insoles and orthopaedic/orthotic insoles?

Orthopaedic and orthotic insoles are designed, among other reasons, to compensate for foot pathologies/position issues and the correction of bad posture. They help to control or change the way the foot works, and can add support and relieve foot pain. As a rule they are recommended by an expert and often tailored to suit the exact shape of feet.  Scholl GelActiv® insoles offer non-stop comfort all day long and are not to be confused with orthopaedic or orthotic insoles. If you are reliant on orthopaedic or orthotic insoles we recommend wearing them instead.

9. Will my feet smell when using GelActiv® insoles?

The use of GelActiv® insoles should not have an impact on foot odour.

10. Who can use the insoles and which shoe size are they made for?

The insoles are designed for women and fit women's shoe sizes 4-8 AU.

11. How can one insole fit different shoe sizes?

The Scholl GelActiv® insoles are made for shoe sizes 4-8 AU. They are designed to match different shoe types. Detailed instructions on how to use insoles can be found on the inside of the packaging or on the website

12. How do I put the insole in the shoe?

You simply place Scholl GelActiv® insoles inside the shoes. There is no need to cut the insoles. Letters for left (l) and right (r) indicate in which shoe the insoles should be placed.

13. Extreme heels, everyday heels, flats and open shoes?

The difference is in the shape and size of the four different insoles, adapted to fit almost every shoe type.

14. Are the insoles also suitable for summer and winter shoes?

The Scholl GelActiv® insoles are suitable for high heels, everyday heels like pumps, open shoes and flat shoes for use in summer as well as high heels/everyday heels in winter. For closed shoes we recommend using the GelActiv® insoles range for Everyday, Work and Sport activities

15. Can the insoles be worn without socks?

The insoles can be worn without socks. But we recommend wearing socks or hosiery which help prevent the feet from getting sweaty.

16. Can the insoles be worn with orthopaedic/orthotic insoles?

If you are reliant on orthopaedic or orthotic insoles we recommend wearing them instead. The Scholl GelActiv® insoles are not made to compensate for foot position or posture but rather to improve the comfort in your shoes. They should not be worn at the same time.

17. Can the colour of the insoles transfer onto my shoes if they are moist with sweat?

The Scholl GelActiv® insoles are produced according to high quality standards and we don’t expect the colour of insoles to transfer into your shoes.

18. How can I dry the insoles if they are moist?

If the Scholl GelActiv® insoles are moist, we recommend removing them from the shoe and drying them off with a paper towel. If the insoles are damaged by moisture, we recommend not using them further.

19. Can I wash the insoles?

The insoles are not machine-washable. To clean insoles, simply wipe them with a warm soapy cloth. Dry them before putting them back into the shoes.

20. How long will my insoles last?

Replace the insoles when they are showing signs of wear. Replacement every 6 months is recommended or with first signs of wear.

21. Where can I buy the insoles?

The Scholl GelActiv® insoles are available in all good supermarkets, pharmacies and our official Scholl Ebay store.