Light LEGS™ Tights

Get the light legs feel

all day long


Light Legs Tights

Great news! Just put on our new Light Legs tights in the morning and off we go! Giving you the light legs feeling all day long – simple as that!

How it works

Scholl Fibre firm technology applies pressure in targeted areas from the ankle upwards to help revitalise and relieve, tired heavy legs.

Good reasons

for keeping your legs light...

  1. Imagine the perfect date and your crush invites you to a romantic walk. Sadly your legs are too heavy, so you sit down at the nearest bench and put your legs up on a bin.
  2. Standing ovations? It’s been a tough day, sitting ovations should do. Though, your friend seems not to be amused, since she gave an awesome performance and you are the only one remaining seated in the audience.
  3. Five minutes remaining til the train leaves and the train station is just around the corner. “No problem!” – you might think, but with tired feeling legs this corner seems to be a very loooooong one.
  4. As a stewardess it might feel like you’re walking more miles a day than you’re actually flying, but sitting down on a free seat in the passengers area is certainly not the right way to do your job. 

The busier the day…

Today’s woman is busier than ever. No matter if she is walking,
sitting, dancing, jumping, standing or running through the day, determination
keeps her going. But sometimes her legs don’t…  

...the heavier the legs can feel.

Tired and heavy feeling legs can make the day just that bit harder. 


Resting time is hard to come by.

Resting time?! Maybe for a short while, but with so much to do, women really need to have perseverance.

No need to bother anymore. Scholl to the rescue

with Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights for women who need to keep going, making their days easier and lighter.


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