Useful Tips for Athlete's Foot & Tinea

Useful Tips for Athlete's Foot


Tip 1

Do not wear overly tight shoes and ensure good air ventilation around your feet. Trainers with air ventilation holes or open shoes will help to achieve this.

Tip 2

Avoid wearing wet shoes and always thoroughly dry them. The same applies to socks. Shoes and socks should be changed on a regular basis, preferably daily.

Tip 3

Wear socks made of cotton, as it is more breathable than synthetic cloth.

Tip 4

Foot care equals prevention: Feet should be washed daily and also thoroughly dried. Do not put on socks until feet are completely dry.

Tip 5

Talcum powder applied to feet and around toes can help reduce problems with sweat. It has a hygroscopic effect, absorbing moisture and will also help reduce bad odours.

Tip 6

Avoid walking barefoot, especially in public places. Protect your feet with thongs or shower shoes at the swimming pool or when going to a sauna..

Tip 7

If you already have an Athlete’s foot infection, think about other people and avoid spreading the fungus. Therefore, you should avoid walking barefoot and you should also change towels and bedclothes on a regular basis.

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. See your doctor if symptoms persist.