Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot

Complete Pen & Spray Kit - The dual action solution against Athlete’s foot.

Read the enclosed instruction leaflet carefully before use.

New SchollAthlete’s Foot Complete Kit.

A unique 2-step solution: The Pen and the Shoe Spray together not only treat Athlete’s foot, but also help restore & protect the skin to reduce the risk of infection reoccurring.

1. Treatment Pen: The precision applicator delivers just the right amount of cream to the infected skin. It is specially formulated with Olile-Active™ to create an environment on the skin that prevents fungus from multiplying or surviving. 
2. Prevention Shoe Spray: Helps to prevent reinfection by cleansing shoes contaminated with the Athlete’s Foot fungus, a common cause of reoccurrence of Athlete’s Foot infection.

What is Athlete's Foot?

Fungal Infection

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the skin occurring mostly on the feet. It can be caused by several fungus types and some of them already live on healthy skin but do not become a problem until they multiply. The condition commonly results in itching and burning as well as cracking and peeling of the skin can be painful and unsightly. Luckily, Scholl has introduced its new Pen and Spray kit which treats and helps prevent Athlete's Foot.

Causes & Sources

An infection usually occurs via direct contact with the fungi–walking barefoot in public places like changing rooms, showers and swimming pools is a common source of infection. 

The condition of the feet can also increase the likelihood of an infection. Fungal infections mostly occur on moist feet, especially between the toes. 

Humidity is not the only hotbed for fungi. Athlete’s foot can also occur on dry and flaky skin due to a lack of natural protective oils. Untreated, Athlete’s foot can spread, infecting the whole foot and even the toenails. Other areas of the body can also become infected.

How to recognise Athlete’s foot

The affected skin is red with a fine scaly coating. If soles become infected, the thickness of the skin on the soles may also increase. 

Intense itching and burning is a common symptom, caused by blistered, cracked or peeling skin. These wounds and cracks are potential spots for bacteria to enter. Blisters may occur, containing pus. The infection may affect either small areas or can even spread to the whole foot.


An untreated fungal infection may lead to secondary infections, as it weakens the skin’s defence functions and other germs may now enter the skin. 

Untreated athlete’s foot can spread, infect the toenails and even the whole foot. The fungal infection can also spread to other parts of the body. 

Athlete’s foot can be painful and also unsightly. Nowadays, groomed feet are an important part of our idea of beauty and lifestyle. 


Tip 1.Do not wear overly tight shoes and ensure good air ventilation around your feet. Trainers with air ventilation holes or open shoes will help to achieve this.


How long will the treatment take after starting the Scholl Athlete's Foot Complete Kit?

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ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. See your doctor if symptoms persist.

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