Foot Odour


Smelly feet can happen to anyone, but some are more predisposed than others, but why is that?

Foot odour is rarely subtle and can fill a room in an instant if you have been on your feet all day. It can be embarrassing and damaging to anyone’s confidence, giving a sense of dread and affecting footwear choices. The blame is often pinned on sweat, but perspiration is not the only cause of bad odours. Bacteria can lurk on your feet and in your shoes if not properly cared for with products that reduce wetness. Scholl Fresh Step Anti-Perspirant Foot Spray directly tackles the problem of sweaty feet head-on to stop bad odour in its tracks.

Does Perspiration Cause Bad Odours?

To take care of excessive perspiration try the following:

- Wear socks made of natural materials like cotton, and shoes that allow your feet to breathe to help reduce the growth of bacteria that cause bad odour.
- If you have stubborn perspiration, an anti-perspirant spray can help, but shoe hygiene is essential too. Try using a spray deodorant for shoes or insoles made from activated charcoal to help eliminate bad odour. Also, try wearing shoes on alternating days, so they have a day to dry out before you wear them again.
- Try to keep your toenails short, clean and remove any hard skin you may have with a foot file. Damp, hard skin can become soggy and can be a breeding ground for bacteria (1).

Treat Bad Foot Odours with Scholl

Scholl Fresh Step Anti-Perspirant Foot Spray neutralises odour and reduces wetness with a drying action, providing feet with a full 24-hour protection against odour. It provides a light, airy fragrance to protect against foot odour and ensures your feet are fresh no matter what.

Scholl Fresh Step Shoe Spray rapidly eliminates odour and provides shoes with a full 24-hour protection against odour. Also equipped with a quick-drying action, hopefully foot odour will soon be a thing of the past.

Normally smelly feet are a harmless problem which will clear up if the appropriate treatment is applied. However, sometimes it may be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. If smelly feet treatment doesn’t help, or if you’re worried that sweating on your feet seems unusually high, seek medical advice from your healthcare professional.

Scholl Top Tip: Wash Away the Day

At bath time, don't forget to show some attention to those feet! Give them a good washing and then dry thoroughly, especially in between your toes.